This website was originally created to track the progress of my DPhil research project titled Truth Seekers or Power Brokers: The League of Nations and its Commissions of Inquiry. The research project examined processes of factual inquiry and knowledge production within a highly politicised international environment embodied in the work of League Inquiry Commissions, in order to grasp how the quest for objective truth intersected with political deal-making. Who were the League’s experts, and what bearing did their findings have on the conduct of international politics?

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Arenberg award ceremonyMy research article on narratives of European integration was awarded the College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize.

I have peer reviewed journal articles in the fields of European Studies and international history, among others for International History Review, Politique européenne and the Journal of Contemporary European Research. I am available for manuscript review within all my areas of expertise.

Areas of expertise

  • International organisations
  • Fact-finding/monitoring bodies
  • Narratives and histories of European integration
  • Inter-war period

Funding Awards

  • College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize, Fondation d’Arenberg (2019)
  • Funding award for a summer course of Polish language and culture, NAWA (2018)
  • Grant for the Exploration of the UACES Archives and Oral History interviews, UACES (2017)
  • Caroline Adams Travel Bursary, Department of International Politics Aberystwyth University (2016)
  • EH Carr Doctoral Studentship, Department of International Politics Aberystwyth University (2016)
  • Bronislaw Geremek Scholarship for History Graduates, College of Europe/European Parliament (2012)


  • British International History Group (BIHG)
  • History of International Organizations Network (HION)
  • Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
  • Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Research in progress

  • Shifts and Turns in Polish Foreign and Security Policy (with Kerry Longhurst, Collegium Civitas)
  • UACES and the genesis of European Studies in the UK (with Helen Drake, Loughborough University)
  • Donbas in the maelstrom of armed conflict and human rights violations (with Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights)

Unpublished research

Conference Papers

  • “Perspektywy integracji Federacji Rosyjskiej i wschodniej Ukrainy w kontekście procesu paszportyzacji Donbasu” (June 2019) – Rosja po Putinie, Warsaw (Poland)
  • “Grasping the Twists and Turns in Polish Foreign Policy: Between World Views and Domestic Policy Leakage” (April 2019) – Poland-UK Security Perspectives, Warsaw (Poland)
  • “Shifts and Turns – Reflections on Polish Foreign and Security Policy” (November 2018) – Poland-UK Security Perspectives, Warsaw (Poland).
  • “In defiance of humanitarian imperialism: Liberia’s case of forced labour before the League of Nations” (October 2018) – IRSD Seminar, Warsaw (Poland).
  • “The League of Nations and its Commissions of Inquiry: The Case of Opium in Persia” (April 2018) – MoSa Research Seminar, Leuven (Belgium).
  • “Thinking international organizations through knowledge production processes: The League of Nations and its inquiry commissions” (March 2018) – Historians without borders, Leiden (The Netherlands).
  • “Truth-seekers or Peace-brokers? The League of Nations and its Commissions of Inquiry” (September 2017) – British International History Group Annual Conference, Keele (United Kingdom).
  • “Britain and the League of Nations: The balance between burden and leadership” (May 2017) – Graduate Conference for Europe, Birmingham (United Kingdom).
  • “International expertise and knowledge production in the realm of world politics: The League of Nations and its inquiry into forced labour in Liberia” (September 2016) – Practice of International History in the Twenty-First Century: Transnational Approaches to the History of International Relations, Leeds (United Kingdom).
  • “Competing Narratives of European Integration: Insights from the inter-war period for the EU’s narrative turn” (October 2015) – UACES Workshop „Narratives of the EU”, Bruges (Belgium).
  • “European Integration after the First World War: Solidarity and Exchange between intellectuals in the inter-war European discourse” (April 2015) – GRACEH 2015 – 9th Graduate Conference in European History – Crisis and Solidarity in European History, Vienna (Austria).
  • Mapping the Interwar European Debate: The European Movement and the Shape of a Common Identity (1919-1939) (June 2014) – Annual Conference History of European Integration Research Society (HEIRS), Maastricht (Netherlands).

Future research agenda

  • Institutional replacement and continuity between international organisations (League of Nations – United Nations)
  • Inquiry in contemporary international politics
  • The League of Nations in public imagination and audiovisual culture
  • Narratives and the language of internationalism(s)
  • The intersection of knowledge production, civilizational discourse and imperial internationalism
  • Central and Eastern Europe during the inter-war years